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Aqua       Oscar- Alien - 75 cm tall - 159.95 $      black
                              Rs. 16,500/-
Royal - 79 cm tall - 225 $
       Retail : Rs. 18500/-
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The original manufacturer of "Oscar" Glass Hookahs having elegant design and style. Oscar glass hookah have been rated the best ever shishas available in the market. Glorious and triumphant Oscar Glass Hookahs are head-turning shisha pipes that will serve as the centerpiece of any hookah enthusiasts' collection. This 45 cm tall work of art sports metal wings and an all-glass pipe that includes a built-in diffuser. Important : All the Oscar Glass Hookah models have been fitted with Remote control multi color LED lights that glow and changes the colors one by one during smoking session.

     Oscar- Junior- Gold Eedition                                                          Oscar- Junior
    30 cm tall - 49.95 $ / Rs. 3895/-                                           30 cm tall - 39.95 $ / Rs. 2995/-
                         Supplied with 10 color remote control LED light & leather carry bag
Oscar- N5 - 55 cm tall - 99.95 $    Oscar- N 5A - 55 cm tall - 94.95 $
              Rs. 6950/-         Rs. 6595/-
                                           Supplied with 10 color remote operated LED light
  Oscar - Super - 75 cm tall - 149.95 $ 
                        Rs. 11,995/-
The elegant looking innovative 'OSCAR' glass shishas are designed by incoporating glass on glass concept instead of glass with metal. Glass on glass is the ultimate that cannot be compared with glass with metal that shapes has mistaken. In OSCAR glass hookah all the part from top to bottom is glass and metal has not been used any where that is the beauty. The glass vase which is the centre part of this hookah has been given perfect face ilft by engraved designing on the surface and also has been decorated permanently with many amazing pictures by transfer process using high temperature furnaces. The OSCAR glass hookah is capable of incoporating custom logo designs both permanently by engraving or by transfer process.

The glass in the Oscars are top quality and laboratory grade, built to last; it also has strictly glass-on-glass connections that eleminates requirement of rubber grommet. These seals are incredibly tight and they will not deteriorate over time.

Oscar glass hookahs supplied with the most fancy Silicone hoses will be an added advantage on little extra cost.
        Prince - 79 cm tall - 650 $
              Price : Rs. 48,500/-
    Oscar-Junior - Packing bag
Clear glass                                     Frosted glass
  Oscar- N5 Small- 30 cm tall - 59.95 $ 
                        Rs. 4,495/-
  Oscar- N2 - 30 cm tall -39.95 $ / Rs. 2995/-

N2 Glass Hookah Specifications:
Diameter: 6 Inches Wide
Height: 12 Inches / 30 cm Tall
Weight: 2.5 KG